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The Alaska Outdoors Supersite is the largest online community focused exclusively on the Alaska Outdoors. Our site includes the following related sites, and privileges apply to all of them.

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Supporting Membership (auto-renew): $35 /year

To save administrative costs, Supporting Memberships are set to auto-renew each year. You can opt-out of auto-renewal, but if you forget to renew, the system will automatically downgrade you to a Free Membership, with an automatic reduction in benefits. Supporting Memberships contribute to keeping the site online. In return, we offer the following additional enhancements:

Alaska Outdoors University (AOU)

The Alaska Outdoors University offers extensive hunt planning information for the purpose of increasing your safety, enjoyment, and productivity of your Alaska Outdoor adventures. Presented by Mike Strahan, a retired Registered Guide and Alaska Hunting Coach for more than 30 years, this series of videos provides detailed information from pre-planning to successfully completing your hunting adventure. AOU Memberships are monthly subscriptions and include all videos in the series.

Alaska Outdoors University (monthly): $39 / month

Membership includes the following perks:

  • Unlimited access to all AOU tracks, classes, sessions, tests, and support materials, where applicable.

For an introduction and more information about the Alaska Outdoors University, Click Here: